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Welcome to the Identities Learning Platform.

This amazing blended learning tool has been developed in parallel with the series and combines the best of formal and informal learning to extend, revise and test core lesson content. The full range of resources is available to teachers and students who use either of the Identities levels.

Identities Learning Platform will be regularly updated with new features and content, and we believe both students and teachers will enjoy it and benefit a lot from its content.

In case you haven’t yet adopted Identities, click on the About tab to view sample material.

This website is divided into three main sections:

About:  Check out sample material and see why Identities is the perfect course for your young adult students.

Teacher's Area: Download key resources, teaching tips, and CEF mapping documents. Launch the VLE to assign tasks and track students’ progress. Access the range of unit and review tests.

Student's Area: Watch real YouTube videos that are part of the core SB material. Listen to all audio material from the SB and WB. Download useful lists of Common Mistakes, World of English tips, and more. Launch the VLE with formal extra practice.

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